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I am now having to go less often, better control and not having to get up during the night part of the time. At 96 years of age, I consider it a blessing. Thank you and God Bless
- Mildred C. IN
The older we get the more sure we are to receive a thousand come-ons, so it was with little expectation that I purchased Prosta-Rye. On the first night of the day it arrived there was no relief, no change, nor did I expect any. By chance, I also hit an all-time high of getting up – 7 times. The second night, to my amazement, I only got up 3 times. The third night, I only HAD to relieve myself once…The fifth night, last night, I didn’t wake the first time until 5:03am! I decided again to resist going and was able to fall back to sleep until 6:30, my normal waking hour. I felt really rested in a way I haven’t felt for years.
I was also greeted with quite an erection and was reminded by it that in youth we naturally arise with one. It has been so long that I had not, I’d simply forgotten (I’m 67). There is absolutely no double that Prosta-Rye works. It is the only product I can ever remember purchasing that delivered on absolutely every promise made.
- Jim L. TX
Good Morning,
I have been using your Prosta Rye for BPH and it works great. Thank you. Thank you.
Please let me know how to order a year supply.
Thank you,
- Chris Ambrose
Dear Dr or Staff,
I have been on your Ultimate Bladder Support program for five of the six months I purchased. They have proved WONDERFUL. I have not had to visit my doctor once for antibiotics that I have been living on for years… I’ll be renewing my order for the Ultimate Bladder Support when I get to California where I’ll be living for the winter.
- E.H. Seattle, WA
I’ve been taking Prosta Rye for about three years. PR does control the urge to urinate. Most nights, I get up only once. Antibiotics, NSAID’s, and some other pharmaceuticals, taken occasionally, act as diuretics to upset the once-a-night routine, but I try to avoid those medications as much as possible. I can say that I have no obvious prostate problems and no urinary malfunction, so I attribute that to PR. Also, I’m not aware of any adverse side effects caused by PR.
- J. Ward
Thank you for sending me Ultimate Bladder Support. In the week or two since I have run out of the capsules which I had found so helpful I now find that I have no need of them. I can go through the night and only get up once which is excellent. So a big thank you for an excellent product. I will give someone I know who has this problem and give them the details of how to order more for themselves.
I cannot thank you enough for your help and wonderful product.
Yours sincerely,
- Mrs. Kristeen J. Turner, Auckland, New Zealand

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